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Local Services

Isla Mujeres may be a small, quiet island a long way from home but you'll have no problem finding the services you need to make your stay safe and comfortable.

There are many places on Isla that offer internet service. Some combine the service with other offerings, some specialize strictly in internet. In either case they charge by the minute, half hour or hour. With the competition, prices for internet access is generally very low. Depending on the location, you may be sharing a connection (high speed or not) with everyone else in the place. Be patient as the connection may not be quite what your are accustomed to. Remember you are in Mexico and everything happens at a more leasurely pace.

Travel Agency
There are a couple travel agencies located on Isla Mujeres, just ask around and someone can direct you. You can get services for confirming flights, airline tickets, bus tickets and tours.

There are also many agencies through which book excursions once you arrive on Isla Mujeres. Want to go snorkeling, take a trip to Isla Contoy or charter a fishing expedition? There is someone to book anything you want. It's always a good idea to ask your hotel staff for suggestions. They may even be able to book something for you!

You’ll find Isla's only bank, HSBC in front of you as you leave the ferry dock. Once in a while (long weekends and holidays especially) the ATM’s run out of money or are otherwise out of service, so be prepared. There are also ATM machines inside 7-11, San Fransico (the main grocery store) and in front of Rochet and Romero (the big jewelery store)

Currency Exchange
There are several places to exchange money on the main streets downtown. These places normally provide a better rate than you can get at the airport. If you're using travelers checks, it is probably safest to change them in as needed. Rates fluctuate daily, but usually not enough to make much difference. Although money exchange booths have regularly scheduled hours of operation, one can’t always rely on them. Asi es Mexico!!!! You may also want to check in the bank (HSBC in front of the ferry docks). Although there are often long lines, if you are changing a large amount of money the rate may be diffent enough to warrant checking.

*Shoestring Travelers: If on a budget, try using pesos as much as possible. When using American dollars, the exchange is always in favor of the business!!!

Bike/Scooter/Golf Cart Rental
There are plenty of places to rent any of the above. Car rentals do not exist on Isla, nor are they needed. The island is a comfortable size for any mode of transportation above. A word of advice, be sure to check over rental before you leave and report any pre existing damages. Try to return your rental in exactly the same condition you received it or be prepared to pay for damages in cash!!

The taxi stand is right next to the ferry dock. You can catch a cab from here to anywhere on the island for a reasonable price. Flagging down empty taxis works also. Be prepared to pay more for travel to the tourist destinations. It is common practice to fill the taxi with travelers so don't expect to have one to yourself. For more information on taxis check out our taxi page by clicking here.

There are several laundry services located in the downtown area. For a small amount they will clean and fold your laundry in a reasonably short amount of time. Again, it is good practice to ask the advice of your hotel staff or friends.

Tip: The best way to make sure you get all your clothes back is to count the articles of clothing you have. Check your clean bag of clothes BEFORE you leave the laundry. The businesses are honest, but nobody’s perfect!!! Sometimes in the confusion of all the laundry, items get put in the wrong bag. Better to count yours before and after just to make sure you don't loose those bikini bottoms ;-)

Photo Developing
There are a couple photo developers in the downtown area located in close proximity to the ferry dock. Prices are reasonable and developing times are typically short.

There are several English-speaking doctors available on the island. The Red Cross (Tel: 99 88 77 02 80), located in the Colonia Gloria at the South end of the island and thrives on kindly donations by tourists and locals alike.

There are several pharmacies on the island. With a doctor's prescription you can get anything you need. This is also a good location to pick up any supplies you may have forgotten. You can purchase anything from soap to sunscreen to film.

There is a post office located in the downtown area of Isla Mujeres on Avenida Guerrero at Mateos. Here you can send post mail as well as establish service to receive mail. If you need mail sent to you, use the following address and the post office will hold your mail for up to 10 days; Lista de Correros, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, CP 77400 Mexico. Open weekdays 8am to 7pm, Saturdays, 9am to 1pm.
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