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Staying out of Trouble

Everyone wants to have a good time on vacation. In order for that to be possible, everyone must make sure that their good time isn't ruining someone else's!!

Common sense prevails here! You know what you can get away with at home and the same pretty much applies on Isla. No matter where you are from, you probably have tourists that come in and cause trouble. Now you're the tourist, keep in mind the things you don't like about your own local tourists and be sure not to have the same effect here. Also, just because you're on vacation, the majority of the people on Isla are just living their normal lives. Don't cause extra grief!!

Bars and Restaurants
Keep yourself in check! The environment is always festive, but don't carry it too far. Most beer bottles have deposits paid for by the establishment. Rightly so, the staff keeps a close eye on them. If you need to leave and want to take your beverage with you, tell your server and they will gladly give you a to go (Para llevar) cup. Unlike in the states, it isn't a problem to take your drinks to go!! ááMOST IMPORTANTLY, DON'T OVER DO IT AND DON'T MAKE A MESS (VOMITAR)!!

If you're into the nightlife, the bars are open pretty much as late as you want them to be. Therefore, when you go back to your hotel, be ready to sleep. In any case, be careful not to cause the other occupants trouble. True, you paid for your room, but so did they and they have as much right to enjoy their stay as you do. If someone asks you to respect their rights, don't make things worse, stop whatever annoying things you're doing.

Whether you're renting golf carts or scooters, you are 100% responsible for ANY damage. Unless you have enough extra cash to buy your scooter, be careful with it. If you have a slow vehicle or are just taking your time, stay to the right and give passage to taxis or anyone who looks like they are not on vacation and just wish to get home!!!

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